Wairau Valley
Wairau Valley 2019

Wairau Valley

Sauvignon Blanc, 2019

Our love of the Wairau is in its diversity. Far from the two-dimensional plain you see from the sky, the Wairau is a complicated set of microclimates, created through an undulating combination of old river bed and river bank soils and diverse aspects weathered by wind, sun and rainfall.

Our Wariau blend pulls from the gravelly vineyards to the north, inland, drier sites which are barren and stoney, and some of the more sea breeze moderated coastal sites. We are deliberately delicate in our selection, avoiding some of the more pungent sites of the Wairau plains, instead focusing on the lower yielding, arguably more viticulturally challenging sites, where aromas and flavours offer more focus.

‘Precise and persistent with piercingly dry citrus and cut grass notes, underpinned seashell saltiness this is another wine which shows that these guys mean business.’
Matthew Jukes, UK Journalist

About the Vineyards
Keersley Estate, Dillons Point

The Vineyards

Fincher & Co. Wairau Valley

80% of our Wairau fruit comes from a single vineyard on Kerseley Estate on Dillons Point, with the final 20% coming from Alice Mills Vineyard in the heart of the lower Rapaura/Grovetown subregion, showing a similar soil type to Dillons Point. 

Dillons Point is a relatively easterly vineyard site, less than 3.5 miles from the sea, meaning that its microclimate is heavily maritime influenced.  Sitting on the banks of the Opawa River, the site has a naturally high water table, meaning that unusually for Marlborough the vineyard isn’t irrigated

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Kerseley Estate

The Kerseley Estate vineyard is visually beautiful, with a very individual character, quite different to the rolling plains of Marlborough. The heavy soil of this site, combined with the effects of the sea, mean that the naturally low yielding vineyard, produces noticeably concentrated fruit flavours with real mineral intensity.

Alice Mills Vineyard

The Alice Mills vineyard is nowhere near as fertile, giving more citrus and wet stone notes, as opposed to the jalapeno and passionfruit characteristics of Dillons Point. 

It is our intention to create wine that showcases the classic Wairau style, whilst at the the same time highlights the intensity and elegance of these individual sites.

Tasting Wairau

With Ben Glover

Watch Marlborough Wine Maker Ben Glover as he tastes Wairau Valley in the Vineyard.

Tasting Notes


Pale straw with a green hue.


Guava, white peach, and lemongrass.


White currants, citrus, stone fruit and umami providing structured minerality.